Sunday, June 9, 2013


 After almost a week the rain stopped. Rivers burst their banks and large areas in Germany were under water, some still are. Of course in such a situation, fishermen thoughts of not being able to go fishing are insignificant compared to those of directly affected people by the water. Cellars were flooded and biggest part of the crops were destroyed.
Since the 31st of May it started to rain cats and dogs, leading up to 100 L/m2/day. The rivers in the Regensburg area ( Danube, Regen and Naab ) were swollen and river traffic was stopped. Measures to avoid flooding the city had been started and at least managed to rein in torrent waters. Cities like Deggendorf and Passau hadn’t so much luck.

On the 4th of June the Danube reached it’s maximal level, 682 cm in Regensburg and over 1200 cm in Passau. Not only river traffic was stopped, some roads and highways has been closed, some of them still are. During the last weeks, many fish spawned and now a big part of the brood is destroyed. At the moment there’s not much left to do except to wait for water levels to normalize.
 After such an event we realize how damaging the power of rivers can be. Water brings not only life, sometimes also sorrow, hunger and death.