Saturday, October 14, 2017

It’s Autumn in the Country...

"It’s autumn in the country I remember. 

How warm a wind blew here about the ways! 
And shadows on the hillside lay to slumber 
During the long sun-sweetened summer-days." (Mnemosyne - Trumbull Stickney)

It's autumn in the country, leafs are changing their color, it's getting colder and the fly fishing season for trout is ending. Without to waste too much time we realized, like every year during this time, that we have a mission. You got get out and swing some flies! Me and S. thought that it would be nice to fish some water that we haven't fished in a while. It was quite a surprise for me when we got there, I knew that part of the  river pretty well and realized that it didn't changed much during the years. Fishing was very relaxing, starting with nymphs in the morning and changing on dry flies in the second part of the day. We caught some beautiful wild brown trout and grayling but only small specimen. We had a great time outside in the nature, enjoying the great autumn weather and gaining some nice memories about we can talk during the cold winter days while tying flies.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Somesul Cald - Fly Fishing Transylvania

The narrow road snaked toward till it reached the top of the mountain. We left behind us the "Rachitele Village" with the few houses scattered along a mountain creek. After a short summer rain, steam rose from the hot asphalt giving a ghostly note to the place. The scenery of the "Apuseni Mountains" has always fascinated me, so I returned after many years to the places I used to walk together with my father. 

On the other side of the massif, the beautiful "Firii Valley", one of the left side tributaries of the "Somesul Cald River", accompanied the road to "Doda Pilii", a place where time seemed to stand still. I stopped the car on the bridge and glanced at the water surface . I was like a child looking for the favorite toy in a showcase. The river was slightly grown and a little bit murky after the rains of the previous days.

We made the check in at a cosy hotel and then I went to meet Liviu and Smaranda from Fly Fishing Romania. Together with volunteer fly fishermen, Fly Fishing Romania managed to arrange the river section upstream of the Belis reservoir and the local authorities introduce a catch and release fishing system since this year. As a friend, I know how many efforts these people have made to bring this water in such a shape. Also this year, Fly Fishing Romania together with other sustainers of the game, organized a Fly Fishing Camp for children.

Later, I went out on the water, but did not manage to make ten casts as it started to rain again. I crawled under a bridge and waited for sunshine. In vain. After almost an hour of waiting, took my rod and left.

The next day started with rain again. In the afternoon the sky was still cloudy but the rain stopped for a while so I thought, I should take advantage of the situation and go back to the river. The water was a little bit murky, so I started to swing a pair of nymphs. After a few casts the rain was back but kept only for a quarter of hour. In the meantime I put a dry fly on because I saw some fish rising. Shortly afterwards, I managed to catch four brown trouts, small but brightly colored. I took a break, set down on the shore and started to gaze at the water surface.  A small circle next to a cliff that bordered the shore, sharpened my senses. It was a fish and not a small one.  At the fourth cast, the fish rose and took the dry fly. I was happy for the rest of the day.

Next day, I joined Liviu and fished the upper segment of the river. The water has returned to the normal level, was gin clear and fish have not been long awaited. The first brownie took a jingler on the surface, followed by a beautiful grayling caught by Liviu. We walked on the narrow paths along the banks fishing the river meter by meter and the effort was rewarded with some nice fish. The beautiful landscape of this region always attracted me, the wooden houses with their shingle roofs, meadows scattered with haystacks, dense forests in which wolf and bear are at home as well as mysterious caves with unique karst formations ... a place where time is passing slower.

We stopped for a few minutes on a bridge and saw many fish rising at the insects on the water surface. Then I remembered what once I read..."bridges are for fly fishermen what windows for voyeurs are". There was a very intense and prolific fishing for everyone. Lovely specimens of grayling, trout and chub have been caught.

We ended the day with a traditional Romanian meal and some glasses of moonshine that made our sleep easier and our dreams sweeter. "Doda Pilii" is located 15 km from "Padis" and besides fly fishing there are many other touristic attractions. We plan to come back next year. More information about fly fishing in the area and possible fishing holidays can be found on Fly Fishing Romania web page.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Beginning of Season...

Fishing season for trout started and after a short phone call, me and my friend S. decided to go out for a few hours on a nearby creek. The water was still cold and wind blew from time to time, so we  abandoned  our dry fly fishing plans and started to wet some nymphs.

The second cast brought the first fish, a beautiful rainbow, caught by my buddy. I turned over some stones and noticed that the water was full of rhyacophila, so I chose a green nymph and made the first cast. I fished the nymph in dead drift on the camouflaged stream by the shore vegetation and noticed a slightly stop of the line. My adrenaline level increased and I was glad to see that I caught a beautiful grayling.

Some other fish followed. Although the actual fishing time was very short, we managed to relax a little bit and left home when it started to rain.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Goat Toe - Tube Variant

Inspired by a Goat Toe tying recipe from the German Fly Fishing Magazine "Fisch & Fliege", I tied a tube variant with a sonic disk . I'll swing it during hot summer days in my home water hoping for some big chub.