Saturday, October 18, 2014

October Rust

With the arrival of autumn and the end of the trout season, the the fly fishing passionate are forced to direct attention to other species. Although grayling fishing is still open, I try to avoid catching this fish with dry-, wet flies or nymphs to avoid collateral trout catches (during spawning they should be undisturbed). Target species during the cold period are especially pike, perch and Danube salmon.

Being driven by fly fishing we decided to try our luck with some pike.
The cold weather and cloudy skies have not managed to blow away the enthusiasm from our hearts and finally our patience was rewarded with two small but beautiful fish. There left nothing else to do but to go out fishing as often as possible cause sooner or later there will be a capital capture.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumnal Fly Fishing

After the first coffee of the day, I took my gear and went to pick up my friend. Fog in the Danube meadow was spreading like a plague over the sleeping city. S was waiting for me already at default location. After boarding we went to one of the tributaries of the river we used to fish. Since trout season is almost over and fish began their spawning, we decided to fish one more time this year before we put the small class rods into the closet.
Fog accompanied us throughout the route. Ready to start, we went upstream along the river and after we surveyed some good fishing places we decided to try our luck near a bridge. The leaves started to become rusty and the slightly oppressive atmosphere of autumn filled my soul with a pleasant melancholy. Quickly we caught the first fish, colorful trout, some with bulging bellies already.

The river is quite narrow and covered with trees, which made casting sometimes quite difficult. The flies landed occasionally in the branches instead on the water. After some brownies followed the first graylings. Slowly, sun rays made ​​it through the veil of fog and fish have become more active so we changed nymphs with dry flies.

On a portion of the river completely covered by trees, my friend managed to capture the biggest grayling of the day (almost 14 inches long). There followed some beautiful trout.

Being the best time of year to collect mushrooms, we took some with us. Xerocomus badius and Sparassis crispa are delicious. Until next year we’ll leave trout in peace and soon we’ll devote fly fishing to some bigger predators.