Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Trout Fishing in May

A few weeks after I returned from Costa Rica, I was able to plan a first fly fishing day with a buddy that is also originally from Transylvania. We have many rivers in the area but I thought fishing a water that is not systematically populate with salmonides would be more interesting. The wished water was found and we hit the road early in the morning. After a good hour of driving and a huge mug of tea, we arrived our destination.

After buying the fishing licenses, we started to inspect the water. The creek was pretty clear. Fish weren’t rising even ephemeral were dancing on the water surface. We decided to fish some nymphs for the beginning. Not long after, we had the first fish. Trout were not big but beautiful. Among brownies I managed to capture a nice rainbow and my friend a brook over 13 inches long. Forgetting about time we beat the water downstream for a few miles till the river entered the forest.

The landscape was like in a fairy tale, so we sat on a rock to admire the scenery in peace and to prospect the surface in search of fish. The sun emerged from the clouds and sent some rays through the tree crowns when suddenly I saw some action on the surface. Nymphs were exchanged with dry flies and the party started from the first cast, managing to fool a few more fish.

At last we returned to the parking lot, avoiding a strong spring rain. Although fish were not particularly large, but very beautiful and strong fighting, we had a great day. For the next fishing, we planed to approach the river 20 miles downstream from where we fished, hoping for some grayling.