Friday, February 27, 2015

Rise 2015

It's been almost two months since the year started and winter gets weaker every day. The cold season made me slow down engines a little bit. I didn't left the lair even I was thinking about some fly fishing days in the snow. Kept myself busy with fly tying on the fireside on days when thermometers were showing temperatures bellow freezing point. I managed to set some fly fishing goals for this year, to plan my summer holidays and hope to find the necessary time to share some of this little secrets with you. Certainly my blogger activity from this year is lacking and I predict it won’t change much in the future cause I have to put a lot of energy into the professional field. 

To get some fresh energy I decided together with my working colleague and fly fisherman Dr.O to drive to Munich on the 24th of February cause of “Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival”. About 170 persons didn't manage to fill an entire theatre but the atmosphere was relaxing and everybody waited with suspense for the great fly fishing movies. The show was split by a short break. During the first part they showed parts of some movies.

In “Those Moments”, 6 guides are presenting their fishing grounds, Alaska, Andros Island and British Columbia.  

YOW – Icelandic for yes” is a funny surf and fly fishing movie with great coastal landscapes and a lot of humor, definitely worth to watch it.  

“Carpland” takes the viewer on a tour trough Idaho, Michigan and California to catch the big daddy of  cyprinids. 

Out Of Touch” is about extreme redfish fly fishing on the Louisiana coast. The message is very clear, switch your phone off and enjoy the time while fishing. It was my favourite from this festival. 

All movies were very entertaining. After the break they played the main movie “Backcountry North Island”. New Zealand is a Mecca for those who want to catch capital brown trout. The movie contains the stories of seven fly fishermen fishing for giant trout on pristine places in the Kiwi backcountry. Great landscapes and huge fish. In my opinion it is worth 7 points out of 10. 

The festival was good and we had a great time. Now there is not much left till fly fishing season will start and soon I’ll be “out of touch”. :D