Friday, June 2, 2017

Beginning of Season...

Fishing season for trout started and after a short phone call, me and my friend S. decided to go out for a few hours on a nearby creek. The water was still cold and wind blew from time to time, so we  abandoned  our dry fly fishing plans and started to wet some nymphs.

The second cast brought the first fish, a beautiful rainbow, caught by my buddy. I turned over some stones and noticed that the water was full of rhyacophila, so I chose a green nymph and made the first cast. I fished the nymph in dead drift on the camouflaged stream by the shore vegetation and noticed a slightly stop of the line. My adrenaline level increased and I was glad to see that I caught a beautiful grayling.

Some other fish followed. Although the actual fishing time was very short, we managed to relax a little bit and left home when it started to rain.