Saturday, October 14, 2017

It’s Autumn in the Country...

"It’s autumn in the country I remember. 

How warm a wind blew here about the ways! 
And shadows on the hillside lay to slumber 
During the long sun-sweetened summer-days." (Mnemosyne - Trumbull Stickney)

It's autumn in the country, leafs are changing their color, it's getting colder and the fly fishing season for trout is ending. Without to waste too much time we realized, like every year during this time, that we have a mission. You got get out and swing some flies! Me and S. thought that it would be nice to fish some water that we haven't fished in a while. It was quite a surprise for me when we got there, I knew that part of the  river pretty well and realized that it didn't changed much during the years. Fishing was very relaxing, starting with nymphs in the morning and changing on dry flies in the second part of the day. We caught some beautiful wild brown trout and grayling but only small specimen. We had a great time outside in the nature, enjoying the great autumn weather and gaining some nice memories about we can talk during the cold winter days while tying flies.

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