Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trout , IPA & Cigars

Our late spring fly fishing  plans were to fish intensively for cyprinids, especially asp in the nearby rivers. Although the beginning of the season proved to be promising, followed weeks in which water was high and muddy, so we could not lead our plan to the very end.

After weeks of waiting in vain, hydrological conditions did not seem to improve, so after a meeting on my balcony and a few beers, we went on the upper river where the water appeared to be acceptable. We hoped that as long asp was not feeding, at least trout will do it.

Once on the river we met two fly fishermen who were already on the way home. We had a small chit chat. With disappointment they told us that fishing was hard and they didn’t caught anything at all. We thanked them for the information and went to a place on the river well known by us.

Despite unfavorable testimony of the other two fellows, fish were there. Within five minutes from the first cast we had the first double, some brown trout about 16 inches long. Although fish were not raising often, we managed to catch some with dry flies. During that day we had two doubles that were celebrated with plenty of IPA and cigars.

After dusk it started to get colder  remembering that summer approaches to its end. We had a great fly fishing day, catching most of the time brown trout...maybe next time it will be asp ! 

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